Implants in 3 days utilized the latest technology in dental implantology to provide patients with a complete upper or lower set of teeth using only 4 implants – known as the All-on-4.

Some patients have lost teeth and been wearing dentures for a long time, resulting in severe loss of bone in their jaw.

In the past, the rehabilitation of these patients requires major bone grafting procedures with bone taken from elsewhere in the body and grafted to the jawbone. This follows by a lengthy period of healing before implants can be placed.

Before a new set of teeth can be fabricated on these implants, another set of healing time is required for the implants to be integrated in the jawbone resulting in an extended treatment time and complex surgery.

Notwithstanding the time and discomfort of repeated surgical procedures, the traditional method utilizes usually 6-8 implants to support the necessary bridge. The All-on-4 concept works by placing two posterior (back) implants at an angle such that the bridge (new teeth) is supported by implants at the front of the mouth, where the bone is denser and stronger and often has more volume.

So the All-on-4 procedure saves you time, money and discomfort as compared to the traditional method of treatment for patients with debilitating dentitions or those who are debilitated or handicapped in some form by the use of dentures.