At Piazza Dental, we believe you don’t have to be born with a beautiful smile to have one. So whether it’s minor modification or full mouth rehabilitation, we have the solution to help create the smile you want.


The solution can be something as simple as recontouring and reshaping of existing teeth and fillings.

Teeth whitening

A white, dazzling smile can be easily achieved at Northern Sydney based Piazza Dental. It is an inexpensive, popular cosmetic procedure that can instantly improve your smile.


Worn, crooked, misshaped, discoloured and “gappy teeth” can be easily managed with veneers at Piazza Dental.

Invisalign and Braces

Alternatively, gaps, overcrowding, malocclusion can be fixed with either Invisalign (clear aligners) or braces.

Dentures, Implants, Crowns and Bridges

And if you have missing teeth, worn or crooked teeth, we can recreate your smile with dentures, crowns and bridges and dental implants.

So no matter what your concern or condition, we have a solution to create the smile you have always wanted.