Pain Free Dentistry

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Then you are not alone. A recent survey showed every one in two of us are afraid to go to the dentist. Reasons for this fear ranges from bad childhood experience of dentistry, screeching noise, scared of needles, and pain – with pain being the most common reason for not going to the dentist.

Imagine being able to get all your dental work completed in one visit, or build up your confidence one step at a time as we help manage your anxiety until you can overcome your fear and comfortably attend for routine procedures without hesitation.

We know that having major dental procedure is scary for most people because we see it all the time. And as a result, we have become experts in helping people with dental anxiety. We accomplish this by various means:

  • Our caring, empathetic approach puts people at ease.
  • Our environment is welcoming, and we have gadgets on offer for distraction.
  • We offer inhalational sedation with Penthrox, which is a handheld device used for both pain relief from dental procedures and to relieve anxiety. It is used by ambulance service, defense force, and hospital for the past twenty years.
  • We also offer oral sedation in the form of valium. This is to be taken as directed before the procedure to relieve anxiety.
  • We offer intravenous sedation or more commonly know as “sleep dentistry”. This is the best form of sedation for people who suffer extreme anxiety and dental phobia, who has a strong gag reflex, and those requiring more extensive, invasive procedures. This is administer by a specialist and you are monitored by this person for the entire duration until you awake from your sleep.

    Note that with all sedation techniques on offer, you cannot drive, operate machinery, conduct business or sign agreements for twenty-four hours. You must also arrange for transport to and from our practice.

  • We offer the wand-plus, a computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system designed to minimize anxiety by giving virtually painless injection.
  • We offer needle free injection system to minimize anxiety and deliver pain-less injection.

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