We understand it can be difficult selecting the right dentist for your family, as each and every one of us has different needs. And these needs are different for our children as it is for our parents and our self.

It is comforting to know that we have at this practice the relevant expertise to cater for such diverse needs and address any concerns that you and your family may have.

These are the reasons we believe you are in good hands when you choose us:

1. Expertise

There’s a saying “EXPERIENCE MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE”. And this is what you will get here at our practice with Dr Steven Doan, who focus on complex restorative and implant dentistry and dental surgery. He has built an impeccable reputation of the being the go to dentist for complex procedures. He is well supported by a team of dedicated professionals, who will go out of their way to address your needs.

2. Trust

We know our caring approach is what sets us apart.
All of our new patients have come to us by word of mouth referrals, having been referred by family, friends, other dentists, doctors, and health care professionals. Most of these patients have been with us long term, as they entrust in us the care and understanding we have provided.
We have one abiding principle which we operate by, and that is to treat everyone as if they were family.

3. Experts in treating Anxious patients

Half of our patients are extremely nervous. If you feel anxiety at the thought of visiting a dentist, rest assure you are in good hands at our practice. We have been treating so many anxious patients over the years that we have developed a reputation as experts in this area. We will help alleviate your anxiety by a variety of techniques:

  • Empathetic and caring manner.
  • Intravenous, inhalational and oral sedation.
  • Comfortable environment with TV screen, music from your favourite CD or ipod.
  • Anti-anxiety premedication
  • Painless injection

4. Technologically Advanced

We have all the mod cons that modern dentistry has to offer for your comfort and convenience.
TV screens in each surgery.

  • Comfortable dental chairs
  • The Wand for giving painless injection
  • Intra-Oral cameras so you can see inside your mouth
  • Digital x-rays to aid diagnosis and reduce radiation exposure

5. Comprehensive, affordable care

We have one mission and that is: “to provide the BEST CARE and BEST VALUE to our patients”- period. And we take great pride in ourselves everyday for making this a reality for all of our patients.

6. Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive, quality care. So much so, that we are happy to guarantee our work – no questions ask. If you are not happy or satisfied with the work that we have provided, we will gladly refund your money without hesitation.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family.