Every day we consume food, and with it, many of the residues left by chewing stay on our teeth. How to keep your teeth clean?

Our teeth are crucial pieces for our oral health and require care to prevent the dental plaque that forms on them from turning into tartar or even cavities. 

These situations can cause immense pain and complications for the patient that we can easily avoid if we follow a good oral health routine. 

Although we know we should brush our teeth three times a day, most people still do not comply with this rule. Indeed, most people only brush their teeth once or twice a day!

That is why today, we will give you a guide with six simple steps that will allow you to clean your teeth properly and have oral hygiene that will avoid problems in the future.

Steps for proper teeth cleaning:

  1. Start your routine using mouthwash: With this first step, you will reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and the microorganisms around the area.
  2. Gently sweep the gum area: Using short strokes, massage the area. Remember cleaning this area since it is an essential part of oral care and sometimes is forgotten.
  3. Brush the outer surface of your teeth in circular motions. With this movement, you will achieve better hygiene for each of them. Do not forget to get to the back teeth.
  4. Use the same circular motion for the outside of your teeth.
  5. Now brush the areas you use to chew, especially the dental grooves. This area is where a vast amount of waste tends to accumulate, so we recommend that you pay close attention to cleaning them correctly.
  6. Finally, do not forget to clean your palate, inner area of ​​your cheeks, and tongue. As we have used before, you have to make circular movements to reach these areas and sweep. 

Cleaning this area – in addition to helping you with the hygiene of your mouth – will help you maintain fresh and pleasant breath. 

And of course! After this routine, you will be confident to continue your day-to-day activities.

In addition to brushing and using mouthwash, you should also add flossing to your oral hygiene routine. 

With this, you will remove the plaque between the teeth and below the gum line, areas in which the toothbrush hardly has access, and in which you can have a gum problem if you do not take proper care.

You can carry out this routine with a traditional brush or electrical brushes. 

With both types of brush, you can get good results, use the one that suits you best, but try to follow this routine for two minutes three times a day and you will keep your teeth clean and healthy for a long time.

And do not forget to attend your dental appointments regularly. Check this post to learn when and why you should visit a dentist for dental cleaning?  

Only a trained specialist will know how to help you with your hygiene and avoid other dental problems. If you have any further questions contact our experienced Hornsby dentists.