Wearing braces is synonymous with public shame for many of us… No one wants ugly wires coming out of their face. That’s why learning these ways to make your braces less noticeable is a total game-changer!

We know that braces are not the most elegant piece we can have in our mouths. And they may also be a bit painful. But the long-term benefits of orthodontics are more than worth it. 

That’s why today,

We want to help you reduce the drastic aesthetic change by bringing 7 ways to make your braces less noticeable!

Hiding your braces: 7 ways to make them less noticeable

Ok, the first thing to know is these methods won’t make your braces disappear. They’re just tips to avoid making your braces the #1 feature everybody notices when you’re around.

That being said, let’s divert those eyes from our wires!

Research for options on brace types

Knowing your options will help you balance the pros and cons and find the perfect brace for you. 

When it comes to ways to make your braces less noticeable, the good news is there is something like invisible braces; they are called Invisalign. Other options go behind the teeth so no one can see them at all, and some can simply lower the visibility of your braces.

The decision will depend on your dental condition, budget, and convenience.

Choose your brace and band colours wisely.

If trying to conceal your braces is the goal, you’ll understand why choosing colourful pieces and bands won’t o the trick.

Less flashy colours can reduce the attention your braces receive from other people. Choosing transparent or white bands can help hide the metal a bit. Or, at least, it won’t be seen from so far away!

And when it comes to the braces themselves, porcelains pieces can blend with your original teeth colour!

We have a separate article in detail about things to consider when choosing your braces.

Train your smile

Braces change your smile, not only because of the wire but because of the realignment.

Many people learn to smile with their mouths closed. And that’s a choice if you’re good with it. 


Not everyone is ready to stop smiling to their fullest. For those people, training their smile can help a bit. Simply stand in front of the mirror and adopt different smiles. Once you get the one you like, practice the feeling in your face until it gets natural.

Highlight other features: focus on the eyes.

If braces make your mouth the first thing everyone notices, try and make other features emboss the looks.

One good way to do it is by focusing on the eyes. Trying that new makeup style, wearing contacts, or having lashes can help people forget your teeth.

Take care of your lips.

Perhaps you won’t feel comfy wearing lipstick. And that’s alright. 

But consider that chapped lips may call attention just as much as braces. And if you pair them, then, with the actual orthodontic pieces, chances are everyone will notice!

Make sure you are hydrated and get a nurturing lip balm.

Improve your oral hygiene

One of the key ways to make your braces less noticeable is by improving your oral hygiene. We are not just talking about flossing and brushing more consciously.

Some food – like wine and coffee – may stain your Invisalign or ceramic braces. While others, like popcorn, tend to get stuck more than anything else. Be mindful of when to consume those and if you’ll be able to clean your braces right after.

If people notice when your mouth is not clean when you don’t have braces, be sure they will when you do!

Own those braces!


(And this is not exactly a way to make your braces less noticeable physically.)

Something we’ve learned about patients is that the more they own braces, the more they make others forget about them. Plus, you will become less self-conscious and perhaps, forget you have them on for a while!

We hope these ways to make your braces less noticeable are what you were looking for!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Hornsby dentists.