Having clean and white teeth has become almost an obsession for many; we see artists and athletes show off those shiny pearls and their mouth, and we just want it!

But what not many of us know is that some habits can stain our teeth without us noticing it.

Even if you get a whitening treatment or veneers, carrying on these behaviours will unavoidably take you to a stained denture.

So, to lend you a hand on taking care of your teeth’ whiteness, here we present nine habits that stain your teeth!

Habits that can stain your teeth: 9 things you may not know

Some of us know that tobacco and wine can stain our teeth… But you’ll be surprised when you find out other habits you didn’t realise may stain your teeth.

Skipping the dentist’s office

Even if you’re regular with your oral hygiene, skipping the dentist is a sure way to discoloured teeth… Why? Because brushing and flossing can’t remove all the plaque that a professional hygienist could.

This tartar, then, builds up on your teeth and eventually sticks to them, staining them in yellowish colour.

Not having good oral hygiene.

In the same line as the first habit, not brushing your teeth periodically leads to the same plaque and tartar build-up that we already mentioned.

Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day and floss at least one for preventing as many stains as you can.

Over-brushing kid’s teeth

Particularly for the younger ones, excessive brushing can lead to excess fluoride in the enamel; the surplus causes fluorosis, which generates white stains on the teeth.

It’s ok to take care of your children’s oral health, but be careful not to overdo it!


It’s no secret that smoking is a habit that stains your teeth. 

Whether it’s smoking cigars or cigarettes or even chewing tobacco, the dark tar and yellowish nicotine components on this plant will eventually get your teeth discoloured.

Drinking coffee, red wine, tea, and sports drinks

These are just to mention the most popular ones but think about any beverage with intense colour… and it will stain your teeth.

Let’s put another example: dark cola. 

If the liquid is dark, it will probably stain your teeth.

Eating too many coloured and acidic sauces.

If sauces can stain your tablecloth, they can also stain your teeth.

All these favourite sauces, like tomato based-sauces, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, etc., can get into your enamel due to the acidity of their components.

This acidity breaks the enamel, allowing the dark colours in the sauce to set into the tooth.

Not rinsing your mouth right after consuming staining food and not drinking enough water.

We tend to lack these habits when we should practice them.

First, we don’t usually rinse our mouths as soon as we consume dark or coloured foods. 

Why should we? Rinsing prevents the pigments from setting in the enamel, reducing their staining effects.

On the other hand, drinking water during the day helps further remove any staining particles that could have been left behind.

If you lack both habits, chances are your teeth are getting stained soon.

Consuming dark and red fruits like raspberry, blueberries, grapes, and cherries

Just like we said about the red sauces, fruits that are highly pigmenting -like berries- can stick to your enamel and stain your teeth.

Holding foods and drinks in your mouth

The more the food or drink is in your mouth, the more time it will have to stick to your teeth’ enamel. Make sure you chew your food enough and then swallow promptly. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our dentists in Hornsby.