The dentist will advocate for not just brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day as part of a strong oral routine, but to use fluoride toothpaste due to the benefits it provides to your teeth and gums.

First of all, what is fluoride? Fluoride is a natural mineral contained in food and water that is a chemical also found in toothpaste, with a unique ability to prevent tooth decay from forming, hence it is widely attributed to improving your oral health.

So, why is fluoride recommended for your teeth, let’s find out below!

Protection From Cavities

There are a few reasons that a cavity can form, such as through an inflamed enamel tissue causing pulpitis, where the pulp reaches the root of the tooth causing a hole, or an accumulation of dental plaque build-up that eats away at your enamel. They both cause a hole that typically requires a dental filling, but may progressively get worse. Fluoride toothpaste helps to prevent or reduce this from happening.

Remineralize Your Enamel

An enamel can come under attack from a combination of acids and bacteria to weaken it. This is an indication that your enamel is starved of the vital ingredients and nutrients it needs to protect your teeth. Fluoride contains the right properties your enamel needs to remineralize itself, making itself stronger and keeping the outer layer of your teeth protected.

Saves You Money

When teeth become decayed, you’ll need to fork out for extensive treatments such as root canal or tooth extraction. Another alternative option the dentist may consider is protecting the tooth with a dental crown. You can avoid this by using fluoride toothpaste that strengthens your enamel and subsequently protects you from cavities and tooth decay. You’d only need to visit the dentist for a check-up!

Reduces Tooth Decay

When teeth become decayed, they’re likely to be dead, meaning the tooth is no longer useful and will need to be taken out. Tooth decay is the process of your enamel coming under attack from acids and bacteria. The fluoride compounds help to make your teeth resistant to these kinds of attacks so your enamel stays strong. Tooth decay can be reduced by other forms of treatment too.

How Much Fluoride Should I Use?

Yes, fluoride is invaluable to your enamel and teeth, although there are certain guidelines you should be aware of for its use. This is because studies find that too much fluoride may reverse your oral health, which doesn’t sound very promising. Although, when you’re aware of how much fluoride you should be using, the results will be there to show. Studies also find that fluoride content of approximately 1300-1500 ppm (parts per million) concentrate is the best for oral health. Anything above this may be considered hazardous. The dentist can provide this information for you.

Brush your teeth twice with fluoride toothpaste, but you should also ask the dentist what foods to avoid that contain fluoride so you do not overload your teeth with fluoride. Want to uncover further oral hygiene tips for stronger teeth and gums? Simply click here!

If you’re seeking to use fluoride and need some support, contact us! Book yourself in for a check-up and ask all the questions you want to our experienced Hornsby dentist and we’d be happy to help!