Tooth bridges act as a ‘bridge’ between two sets of teeth, comprising of crowns that are attached or clamped to either side of a healthy natural tooth, with an abutment used to anchor the bridge. If you want to learn more in details, here is our guide on how tooth bridge works

Dentists always recommend that any gap within your teeth is filled accordingly because gaps in your teeth can negatively impact overall mouth functioning.

So, how does it work? Tooth bridges ‘bridge’ the gap between two sets of teeth. A bridge comprises two crowns that are clasped or attached to either side of a natural tooth as an abutment to anchor the bridge. When there’s a gap in your teeth, it can negatively impact overall mouth functioning such as speaking and chewing. At the same time, it can weaken the strength of your jawbone. 

Understanding The Tooth Bridge Cost

Although tooth bridges are cheaper compared to other cosmetic treatments like a dental implant, the tooth bridge cost isn’t exactly cheap either. The cost of a tooth bridge is convenient for those who seek a faster yet quality choice of treatment. 

A tooth bridge is a reliable option as well as a dental implant, but if you’re trying to keep treatment affordable, go for a tooth bridge. Below breaks down the factors which impact the overall tooth bridge cost.

  • Cost of a 3-unit bridge – from $3000
  • Cost of two crowns – from $900 
  • The additional cost of the artificial crown – from $800 

This sounds relatively expensive, but what factors impact these costs?

  • Size of the bridge – The number of teeth involved in the procedure will impact the unit of the bridge. This means the number of teeth needed to support, not how many teeth need to be replaced.
  • Is an implant needed? – If there is not enough support from your natural teeth, then an implant may be considered, which can increase the cost significantly.
  • Location – The cost varies based on the location of the treatment. Sydney and Melbourne are two major cities where the average cost of dental treatment is higher.
  • Insurance – Are tooth bridges covered by your private health insurance? This can significantly impact the cost you need to pay yourself for treatment.
  • Type of bridge – The cost of tooth bridge treatment can vary depending on the type of bridge you need. There will be a shorter or greater preparation time depending on the level of treatment required and which tooth bridge suits your needs.

Is The Tooth Bridge Cost Worth It?

Now that you’ve been presented with the cost of tooth bridge treatment, the next natural question is; is the treatment worth the cost? Well, here are some factors to think about to help you weigh up its costs.

  • Tooth Bridges Aren’t Permanent – Tooth bridges can last for a very long time if cared for accordingly. You’d want to ensure that you avoid performing habits or eating foods that can cause unnecessary damage to the bridge which can impact its shelf-life.
  • More Secure Than Dentures – Dentists often recommend tooth bridges compared to dentures providing you have enough healthy teeth left. The difference here is that your natural teeth can act as an anchor for bridges. Dentures need to be anchored to the gums with a temporary sealant that isn’t secure enough.
  • Your Natural Teeth Stay In Position – If you’ve multiple gaps between your teeth, your teeth will likely shift out of position. Tooth bridges prevent them from shifting, which can cause problems with your bite.
  • Reduces Bone Loss – Bone density plays a key part in keeping your teeth firmly in position. This will naturally weaken when gaps appear between your teeth, something that tooth bridges can prevent.

If you’re seeking a solution for missing teeth, have you considered tooth bridges? Contact your local dentist today for a consultation. If you have any further questions related to tooth bridge cost, contact our experienced Hornsby dentists.