The procedure of the dental implant has three individual steps. First, the dentist cleans the affected area and forms a hole where the titanium screw is to be positioned when it’s infused into the jawbone. The abutment is then placed against the screw. The abutment acts as an attachment for the artificial crown to be attached, which is the final step of the implant process.

The success rate of dental implant treatment is very high. Although, it doesn’t come without its complications. One of the complications that may arise is if the artificial crown placed on top of the abutment becomes loose.

Has Your Implant Crown Fallen Off?

There are several factors that cause the dental implant crown to become loose. If this occurs, the dentist will seek to either reattach the existing crown if there’s no damage occurred to it or replace it with a new one. It is only on the rare occurrence that the full implant needs to be replaced, for example, if the titanium screw has become loose owing to weak bone density or the abutment has broken.

The implant crown can become loose through:

  • If the dental cement used to bond the implant has deteriorated
  • The abutment has become damaged
  • The dental implant screw has become loose
  • Weak jawbone
  • Failure of the implant
  • Damage to the artificial crown

What You Should Do Next…

If the artificial crown on top of the abutment has become loose or is broken, the first thing you need to do is contact the dentist. The dentist can assess the damage, identify the root cause behind it, and advise on treatment where necessary. In most circumstances, the dentist will simply replace the artificial crown with another. A new implant may be issued if the abutment has broken.

Take the artificial crown with you to the dentist. Keep the crown clean and moist in a container. It is important that you do not replace the crown yourself as you may swallow the tooth if it falls out of place.

If your dental implant crown has fallen off, or you have a dental crown fitted to protect a damaged or decayed tooth and the crown has fallen out, we can help! Contact our dentist Hornsby dental team at Piazza Dental here and we’d be more than happy to help!