You have recently visited the dentist. 

After several evaluations, some impressions, and a couple of x-rays, you know your treatment will begin. 

You will start using orthodontics!

And we know you have a lot of questions and doubts because everywhere you can hear the comments and experiences of other people.

But fear no more! 

Much of this information is not necessarily true! 

In this article, we want to show you some myths about orthodontics that we want to clarify.

5 Orthodontic Myths That You Should Not Pay So Much Attention To

Orthodontics is only effective in young patients or children.

This is false!

 Most people think just because orthodontics is usually seen more in younger patients, it is only effective then. 

This treatment is effective in adulthood as well. 

The movements of the teeth are the same for an adult or a child.

Braces weaken teeth

This is a myth that is usually common due to the pressure that orthodontics generates on the teeth. But nothing further from reality; braces improve the teeth’ position and help gums and jawbones. 

And since it requires a lot of hygiene, some patients learn a lot about their dental routine, thanks to constant communication with their dentist.

Orthodontics is a device you should use for a long time.

Although it is a treatment that takes time, the reality is that this depends on each patient and their situation. 

What is certain is these procedures now last much less than in the past. 

On average, orthodontics can last between 1 to 2 years.

Braces stain teeth

False. In itself, braces do not stain the teeth, but they do require constant and strict hygiene. 


If the patient consumes carbonated or dark drinks frequently – or is genetically predisposed – there may be changes in the colour of the teeth.

We recommend a teeth-whitening procedure if you see a colour change in your teeth.

The cost of orthodontics is too high.

This will depend on several factors, but there are certainly many more options that can allow you to opt for this treatment considering your budget. 

Several types of brackets vary in cost, especially considering how unnoticed they can go. You can choose between metallic, aesthetic, or tongue braces. Depending on your decision, the spending on your orthodontics will rise. You can check out this detailed article sharing 7 ways to make your braces less noticeable.

If you are worried about your economy, we recommend you to go to a centre with financing plans. This way, you can pay for this procedure by instalments and make monthly expenses.

These are just some myths that you can hear everywhere and should ignore. 

As we mentioned, you have to be fully informed about them to fully understand what happens and to what extent they are true.

The most appropriate thing is that you consult with your orthodontist about all the doubts you have. They are the right specialist to answer all your concerns and indicate the best path for your oral health! If you have any questions related to tooth bridge, feel free to reach out to our Hornsby dental clinic.

See you in our next article!