The dentist is always recommending that you consume a balanced diet containing the appropriate nutrients and minerals for your teeth to remain strong. It is natural for everyone to enjoy certain things in our diet better than others, such as sugary and starchy treats. Have you considered plant-based foods for strong teeth?

Alongside the foods we eat, the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth is also recognised. Sometimes, we think that this is the only step as part of a strong oral routine for a strong smile. There is more to it than just this, and one of them is what you feed inside your mouth. Foods can make a massive difference. It can either deteriorate your oral health or keep it strong. Which one is up to you and what you eat.

It is already common knowledge that consuming high levels of sugar can cause cavities, tooth decay and enamel erosion. If you’re seeking replacements containing the likes of calcium and phosphate, minerals that keep teeth and gums strong, read on below as we pick out some plant-based foods for strong teeth you can start eating today.


If you already eat leafy greens in your diet, ensure that you add Parsley to that list too! Parsley contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammation properties and eugenol, a property that kills germs in the mouth which also that contributes to fresher breath.


If you’re seeking a weekly snack to enjoy, start eating nuts but especially almonds. Almonds can be used as an ingredient within a meal as well. They’re rich in calcium, a property that’s vital to keep your enamel strong, and also contains minimum sugar levels. Sugar is a significant contributor to dental plaque build-up, and the chances of this when eating almonds are low, providing you rinse your mouth out regularly.


As far as sweet snacks go, strawberries can help to do some serious favours to your teeth. Strawberries contain a tooth-whitening enzyme called malic acid which is a natural whitening property that keeps your teeth free of staining for a whiter smile. Instead of forking out for teeth whitening treatment, why not just eat some strawberries?


Cucumbers can be eaten as a daily snack and as part of a healthy meal. Cucumbers also work wonders for your oral health because they contain fiber. It’s been suggested that cucumber keeps your teeth and gums clean, but what is factual is that cucumber improves your saliva levels. Saliva is the best line of defence against cavities and gum disease because it helps digest your food.

Kale and Spinach

Keep adding to the long list of leafy greens to your diet. Kale and spinach are two beneficial forms of plant-based foods that are packed with nutrients (calcium & phosphate), vitamins and antioxidants. This is all you need to keep your teeth and gums strong and protect them from gum disease and cavities.

You can make your meals tasty enough to enjoy with these 5 plant-based foods. Many consume sugar because they enjoy tasty treats. Although you can pick out some tasty recipes containing plant-based foods for strong teeth that are not only beneficial to oral health, you’ll enjoy eating them as well. An additional benefit to eating green vegetables and plant-based foods for strong teeth is not suffering from osteoporosis, a bone-weakening condition that can cause the underlying jaw bone to weaken.

If you want to seek professional advice about plant-based foods for strong teeth, or generally want to learn more about to keep your teeth healthy, why not get your teeth checked with our professional dentist Hornsby today? Book yourself in with us here.