If you want to get dental veneers in Australia, you’ll want to know what you’ll have to go through and how much it will affect your wallet. 

So, today we are going over the procedure of porcelain veneers and how much it costs to get them done in Australia.

Let’s begin with what you will experience once you get in the office and leave the money-talking to the end.

Procedure for getting porcelain veneers in Australia

Getting porcelain veneers in Australia is as much a simple procedure as it is anywhere else.

Just a few steps and a couple of visits to the office, and you’ll get done!


The procedure begins with a diagnosis to analyse the general characteristics of the case. The dentist makes a study of the patient’s smile, the alignment of their teeth, shape, size, and colour.  

Impression and design

The dentist will make a dental mould or X-ray impression to determine the structure of your teeth. And then, begin working on your final smile design.

Groundwork and moulding

On the next appointment, the dentist will clean and polish the tooth. This process includes reducing your enamel up to a half millimetre. After the trim, he’ll make a second impression or mould and send it to the lab.

Veneers construction

This period takes up to one month, and after that, you’ll get your new set of veneers ready to get installed. The porcelain veneers procedure in Australia usually offers the option of temporary resin veneers. You can wear those while you get your new teeth ready.

Confirmation and bonding

With your veneers ready, the dentist will call you back to the office to make sure the veneers match your teeth. Once compatibility is confirmed, then it’s time for bonding.

The dentist will once again polish your teeth a bit. This time to make the surface rougher and more fixable. He then applies the special cement to the veneer and carefully places it on top of the corresponding tooth.

Fixing light

After carefully assuring that the veneers are well-placed, your dentist will submit it to a process called photopolymerisation. The cement will finally get sealed and hardened thanks to a special light beam that activates its chemical composition.

Final touch

Once the veneers are all placed, your dentist will check the colocation and give the final touches. Voilá! Your brand new smile is ready to be shown off as movie stars!

Cost of porcelain veneers in Australia

Considered a cosmetic treatment, the cost of porcelain veneers in Australia is not exactly cheap. 

Even so, 

This country is one of the few that offer some insurance over veneers’ treatment, a considerable advantage indeed.

But if you’re wondering how much it could be, we can provide some light.

In Australia, the average cost of a single porcelain veneer can begin at $1,500 (this is per tooth). And it will depend on how many teeth you will cover at once.

Although there are alternatives to Porcelain Veneers, however, depending upon the situation Porcelain Veneers might be the best solution for you. 

Now, you know the procedure and cost of porcelain veneers in Australia. Will you be showing off a bright pearly smile soon? Let us know!

If you have any questions related to porcelain veneers, reach out to our experienced dentists in Hornsby.