Should you test a teeth whitening kit out or find out more about professional teeth whitening? Well, you could probably apply the question to plenty of cases where you have the option of hiring a professional or doing something yourself. And as your inner voice is probably telling you already, hiring a professional to do what they specialise in is always a good idea.  

What’s The Big Deal About Teeth Whitening Kits?

Well, teeth whitening kits are all the rage at the moment because everyone wants whiter, brighter teeth. And why not? Given the number of selfies that are taken every day and the bright white smiles that are flashed at us by celebrity-dom, it’s not surprising that most of us want to look brighter and more attractive.   And that is what teeth whitening kits promise. But the fact of the matter is that any over-the-counter whitening treatment you purchase is only going to work on surface stains. And, if you’ve been visiting your dentist on a regular basis and having your routine dental cleaning, a whitening kit won’t offer you much difference.  

Why Doesn’t Everyone Just Book Professional Teeth Whitening?

Lots of people do get ‘taken in’ by far out claims and appealing before and after pictures on the packaging. There are also plenty of celebrities endorsing whitening treatments and making it appear as though their pearly whites were achieved with whitening strips or toothpaste when that is often not the case.   A lot of patients also just assume that whitening at-home is going to be cheaper, but they do not always consider how effective their efforts could be.
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Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Most Effective?

By law, only a qualified dentist can offer teeth bleaching that uses hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen carbamide in excess of 6% strength. And at 6% that gel is not strong enough to penetrate the dentin of your teeth – and this is where that yellow look actually comes from.

We’re all born with white dentin but as we get older it starts to turn a little yellow. In order to address this, the whitening bleach that you use must be strong enough to penetrate the enamel, get into the dentin and break up the molecules that are causing the staining.


There’s a good reason that consumers can’t have access to a whitening agent that is too strong, and that is because they are not experienced enough or equipped to deal with any issues that could arise. It is very important that your gums and soft tissue is protected from the bleach and does not come into contact with it. Your dentist knows how to do this.


He or she also understands the maximum amount of time you can safely have the bleach on your teeth for and won’t be tempted to exceed it because he understands the consequences to you.


Why Professional Whitening Is Superior


Any kind of dental whitening, whether it is a gel, whitening toothpaste, whitening strips or through the use of trays should be performed under the guidance of your dentist. Even if you plan on trying a teeth bleaching kit at home you should get approval from your dentist. It is important that he or she examines your mouth and teeth, to clean the surface for even whitening, and to ensure that you do not have any cracks in your enamel, existing damage to your teeth or cavities that need to be filled.


Your dentist will assess the state of your mouth, and the current shade of your teeth and be able to show you what level of whiteness you can expect from professional teeth whitening.


If you know that your dentist needs to approve the whitening treatment, is best qualified to perform the treatment, is certified to deal with any risk factors and can almost guarantee what your end result is going to be, it makes no sense to move forward with an at-home kit.


If you weigh up what you’ll be paying for multiple kits, plus the time it takes to do the treatment and offset it against your unmet expectations, the easier option is to chat to your dentist about a whitening solution that works.


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