It’s natural to think that a deep clean means brushing your teeth vigorously to remove those stubborn stains that are coating your smile. However, this is counter-productive and is bad for your teeth. 

What do we mean by deep teeth cleaning? This means visiting the dentist for an appointment and getting your teeth cleaned. A deep teeth cleaning isn’t something you should do yourself because, naturally, you wouldn’t have the right equipment or properties to do so. 

Deep teeth cleaning is typically recommended for those who’ve either gum disease or haven’t visited the dentist for a long time, showing signs of wear and tear and deep discolouration.

Let’s look at what constitutes deep teeth cleaning treatment and what benefits you can expect when visiting the dentist for your appointment.

What Is A Deep Teeth Cleaning?

A deep teeth cleaning is formally known as scaling and root planing treatment, designed to perform a deep clean between your teeth, gum and roots. Dental plaque can naturally build up on your teeth, but this can naturally harden into tartar, and the dentist would be required to perform scaling to remove the plaque and tartar above and below the gumline. Once completed, the tooth roots need to be smoothened out so that your gums reattach to your teeth. This is known as root planning. 

What Are The Signs That I Need Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is not necessary for every patient. Although, if you’re showing signs of gum disease, then a deep teeth cleaning will be necessary to prevent gum infection and potential tooth loss. Gum disease is not always something that can be identified easily, and a visit to the dentist is typically required to find this out.

Here are the key signs to watch out for that you need deep teeth cleaning:

  • Consistent bad odour or bad breath in the mouth
  • Natural teeth are becoming loose
  • Swollen, red and bleeding gums
  • Gums retracting from your teeth

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Here are the key benefits of deep teeth cleaning:

  • Prevents Periodontal Disease – Gingivitis is the first initial stage of gum disease, which typically gets worse if the bacteria continue to penetrate into and around the gums. It gets to a point where the gum pockets are so infected that they retract from your teeth, meaning the tooth roots are no longer protected.
  • White Teeth – The shade of your teeth will likely have been coated by dental plaque and tartar. To restore the whiteness in your smile, going through scaling and root planning will remove those deposits for a whiter smile.
  • Preventing Tooth Loss – When the roots are protected, so are your teeth! Therefore, your smile will remain protected with strong teeth.
  • Fewer Visits To The Dentist – With deep teeth cleaning, providing you carry out strong oral hygiene at home, you’re unlikely required to visit the dentist for regular cleanings. This doesn’t mean you won’t visit the dentist ever again, just not as frequent as first thought.

If you want to give your oral health a boost, a deep teeth cleaning is a great starting point to remove those deposits to reduce the chance of gum infection. Get yourself checked in for deep teeth cleaning appointment today!