A prospective dental implant patient is likely to experience greater risks with implant treatment if things go wrong or patients take uncalculated risks due to the expenses that dental implant treatment comes with. There are many factors a patient must consider to ensure the treatment outweighs the risks with some greater benefits of dental implants.

The chances are that you have many questions surrounding dental implant treatment. With the cost introducing risks if dental implant treatment doesn’t go right, you’re understandably concerned about whether dental implant treatment is worth the cost when done right.

Below helps to answer these questions with a breakdown of greater benefits of dental implants to enjoy if you’re concerned about the risks of dental implant treatment.

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An Implant Maintains Bone Density

A missing tooth isn’t good news for the underlying bone and for implant treatment to be successful, your bone density needs to be strong. This is because there is a missing root which destimulates the bone and hence, reducing its strength. An implant stimulates bone growth known as osseointegration. A solution to the missing gap prevents bone loss, and implants are a great advocate for this.

Maintains Natural Mouth Functioning

Unlike treatments such as dentures, veneers and bridges, you don’t need to adjust your mouth to function in a certain way to maintain the implant. An implant is standalone and infused into the jawbone with a titanium screw, designed to provide the strengthening and functioning that you cannot get from other restoration treatments. Chew, eat and speak normally.

Easy Maintenance

If you thought that dental implants require extra care, you thought wrong. Implants are fitted as a natural tooth, meaning it doesn’t require special attention. Simply continue to perform a strong oral routine because your implant will be well looked after with frequent brushing and flossing, keeping your mouth clean from harmful bacteria and eating foods that keep your enamel strong.

Permanent Solution To Tooth Loss

Implants can last a lifetime, providing you perform proper oral hygiene. They are designed in a way that fits right into your smile without fitting out of place. Understandably, you’d expect that the cost put forward for the implant should be for a permanent solution to be applied to your missing gap. This is exactly what a dental implant is designed to do.

Zero Cavities

No matter whether your mouth contains artificial or natural teeth, they both still need to be cared for to prevent harmful bacteria from building up. This includes for implants. Although a benefit to this is that the material used for dental implants cannot decay. Therefore, your implant will never experience decay in the form of a cavity.

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Dental implants have a high success rate, so if you’re concerned about any risks in a case where implant treatment goes wrong, well, this is not very likely to happen. The health and life benefits of implants have been recorded by many patients who believe implants were a great choice. Along with improving your aesthetic appearance, the greater benefits of dental implants to your smile are benefits that other restorative treatments simply others cannot offer.

The good thing is with advancement in technology there are options to choose from traditional or All-On-Four Dental Implants depending upon the situation. 

Have you outweighed the greater benefits of dental implants to the risks and now thinking about having a dental implant? Why not get an implant fitted with Piazza Dental today? Alternatively, check out other available treatments. There is no better practice to visit to restore your smile than at Piazza Dental. Book here now!