Discoloured teeth can significantly impact the beauty of everybody’s smiles. Taking away the life from our faces, stains, and loss of brightness slowly but surely will conquer our teeth. What to do when the unavoidable happens? 

Fortunately for us, fixing teeth discolouration is not only possible today, but you have multiple choices to do it!

Depending on the type of stain, your budget, and other factors, there’s an option that adapts and can, in the end, provide a whiter smile than you ever thought! 

Let’s explain in a few words how and why teeth get stained and then check the 5 top ways to fix teeth discolouration. 

Discoloured teeth: What Causes Them and Types of Stains

Teeth discolouration can happen for several reasons. Dark-coloured foods and drinks, old age, injuries, and even some medicines can stain your teeth over time. This is the reason why stains can come in different colours like:

  • Yellow stains
  • Brown stains
  • Gray stains
  • Purple stains

The stains can also be intrinsic or extrinsic. The first one means they’re deep within the tooth and are harder to reach. And the second ones are more superficial and can be whitened with ease.

For each of these reasons and types – and depending on your budget – there’s a teeth whitening solution. And next, we’ll see the ones that bring the best results.

Top 4 ways to fix discolouration 

Let’s begin with the simplest method, which throws fewer results but is still an essential part of oral hygiene and health.

#4 Professional teeth cleaning

This method could be considered more of a preventive way than actually a fixing technique. Even so, when it comes to light stains coming from tartar buildup, they can still get some effect.

To be fair, cleanings are not meant to get rid of stains but just clean the accumulation of plaque. They are crucial to prevent further staining and get your teeth healthy and ready for the following methods.

#3 Teeth whitening

An instant procedure that delivers noticeable results, teeth whitening also provides different options for a spotless smile. They can be:

Each of these treatments has a grade of effectiveness in more or less time. And also varies in the price range. In that sense, the first two are the more expensive and effective, even though the in-office is faster than the at-home option. On the other hand, over-the-counter products are not as effective or fast but will deliver fair results for a fair price.

#2 Teeth veneers

For smiles that deal with more problems than discoloured teeth, teeth veneers are the best solution.

Made out of porcelain or resin, these go on top of your polished teeth and cover them completely. In high-quality procedures, the teeth will be modelled to your originals, so the smile doesn’t change that much, just you get straighter and whiter teeth.

Top #1 solution: Full smile makeover

Discoloured teeth that are crooked, with gaps and too much separation, may need customised treatment. That’s what this solution for fixing tooth discolouration provides precisely.

Your dentist will combine all the previous options design a personalised plan for your teeth. In the end, you will have the smile of the Gods, bright and straight, without changing your original expression.

These were the top #4 ways to fix teeth discolouration, and we’re sure that any discoloured tooth will be happy that you know them! If you have any further questions contact our experienced dentists in Hornsby.