Tooth veneers are tremendously aesthetic. They can come in different materials that provide a range of options for affordability and durability. Celebrities like George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, and Cristiano Ronaldo use them to improve their smile.

In this complete guide on tooth veneers, we’ll make a quick review of its procedure, options, and costs. Then you can choose the one that fits your case!

The procedure of getting tooth veneers and their benefits

Getting your tooth veneers is easier than you think. And the results –when delivered by a professional- are dramatic.

In a few words, the treatment consists of reducing your natural teeth and covering them with caps that will provide a natural and straight smile. 

Procedure of Getting Veneers

Once it is done, it’s irreversible as the veneers stay stuck to your teeth. But the results will be worth it.

  • The procedure begins with a diagnosis to analyse the general characteristics of the case. The dentist makes a study of the patient’s smile, the alignment of their teeth, shape, size, and colour.
  • The dentist will then make a dental mould and send it to a laboratory.
  • In the next appointment, the dentist will clean and polish the tooth.
  • Next, he will apply special cement to the veneer and place it on the tooth.
  • The chemicals in the cement are activated thanks to a process of photopolymerisation. (This causes the resin to harden quickly and finalises the bonding of the veneer to the tooth)
  • Then the dentist polishes the final details… And voilá! Your veneers are ready!

Benefits of Tooth Veneers

Tooth veneers have proven beneficial for many. Getting your smile fixed with dental veneers can:

● Boost your confidence.

● Provide a beautiful smile.

● Fix imperfections.

● Adapt to your original teeth.

● Stay shiny.

● Endure for years.

● You can design your smile with the colour and shape you want.

Tooth veneers: What are my options?

There is more than one option when it comes to getting tooth veneers. They vary in price, durability, and convenience, but they are generally helpful treatments.

Porcelain Veneers 

This is the most common option patients choose as the best cost/value relationship.

They offer long-lasting durability (10+ years) with high resistance to staining and chipping. 

They’re hypoallergenic, and the installation is quick.

Composite veneers

With them, a shine and naturalness similar to porcelain veneers are achieved. Composite veneers are cheaper, and the installation process is more comfortable as the material is softer and more adaptable.

The useful life of composite veneers is around ten years, but they discolour and stain more easily than porcelain.

Zirconium veneers

They are made of 100% zirconium ceramic and can last up to 20 years. The duration varies depending on the patient’s habits. They provide a fully natural look but are also more expensive than porcelain.

Whatever the option you choose, remember to always work with a professional, as a misplaced veneer can cause severe pain and oral health issues.

Now, we’ll finish this complete guide to tooth veneers with the question that everybody wants to know… What’s the cost of tooth veneers?

Cost of tooth veneers

Depending on the type of tooth veneer you pick, you can find them going from:

  • Porcelain veneers: from $1,500 per tooth
  • Composite veneers: from around $400 per tooth
  • Zirconium veneers: from around $1,700 per tooth

These prices may vary depending on where you’re getting your veneers. So, we recommend you research and choose the best and more affordable treatment for you!

This is how we finish our complete guide on tooth veneers! Don’t forget to check our blog for more in-depth info about dental veneers and other procedures!