If you’ve multiple missing teeth, then tooth bridges can help restore overall mouth functioning by filling the gaps created by missing multiple teeth. A tooth bridge is artificial, meaning it comprises false teeth mounted to existing teeth with cement to fill the gaps.   

Do I Need A Tooth Bridge?

If you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth, then a tooth bridge is an option for you. The problem with missing teeth is that it contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. What is also impacts is the positioning of your natural teeth. Your teeth will shift out of position, creating a large gap between them. This means that bacteria is likely to penetrate the gaps and cause your gums to become inflamed. 

You’ll need a tooth bridge if you’re in this position, but the natural teeth that remain need to be healthy as well. 

Are There Different Types Of Tooth Bridge?

There are four main types:

Traditional Bridges – You have a traditional fixed bridge that connects two or more crowns. A false tooth is held in place by the crowns that are fixed to bridge the gap between your natural teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges – Similar to traditional bridges, implant bridges performs the same functioning; to fill the gaps with an artificial tooth. The only difference compared to traditional bridges is that it doesn’t require anchoring or support from any natural teeth. It’s a stand-alone solution.

Maryland Bridges – Maryland bridges involve metal frameworks being bonded like wings to either side of a porcelain tooth that is used to fill the gap.

Cantilever Bridge – A cantilever bridge involves an artificial tooth being connected to one abutment tooth, an option for people for those who only need to fill one gap.

How Much Does A Tooth Bridge Cost?

The cost of a tooth bridge depends on several factors, such as the material used, how complex the treatment is, how many artificial teeth are required and their location of them. The cost in Australia is approximately $1800 per tooth. For example, if you require a cantilever bridge as a two-tooth bridge, this could cost double. 

Am I Suitable For A Tooth Bridge?

There are three significant factors that the dentist will need to examine before putting you forward for a tooth bridge:

  • The health of your natural teeth where the artificial tooth will be applied
  • Any additional oral health concerns are not identified which may impact the health the bridge
  • Healthy dentist of the jawbone

Should the outcome of the examination at the dentist warrant you to be suitable for a bridge, the steps to perform the treatment will be discussed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Tooth Bridge?

If you’re considering bridge treatment, here are some benefits to be aware of:

  • Restores Strong Overall Mouth Functioning – Bridges help restore natural mouth functioning whilst delivering an aesthetically pleasing look. Tooth bridges also look like natural teeth as well, and your mouth will have no issue adjusting to the bridges when you speak and eat.
  • Maintains Facial Structure – Missing teeth can cause your facial structure to degrade but also cause your teeth to shift out of their position. What this also does is weaken bone density. Bridges will help preserve your facial structure, keep your teeth in place and deliver strong aesthetics.
  • Better Quality of Life – A healthy smile will always help you feel greater self-confidence and naturally, this improves the quality of life. This can present you with many opportunities in life and also create a great impression with your friends and family.

Are Tooth Bridges A Better Option Than Implants?

Tooth bridges are considered less invasive compared to dental implants. It is also a faster form of treatment too. Both have their benefits. Dental implants are standalone and durable, meaning it doesn’t require your natural teeth to act as an anchor or vice versa. A titanium screw is infused into the jawbone with a crown connected with an abutment (the connector between the screw and the crown).

Although implants are more expensive compared to bridges, both are designed to deliver a natural-looking smile whilst maintaining strong overall mouth functioning.

Implants naturally last longer, even for life if it’s looked after accordingly.  Although, the cost of them is likely to put you off. Ultimately, both are designed to deliver the same benefits, but you can get multiple teeth from a tooth bridge at a cheaper cost in comparison to a single implant.

If you’re seeking a resolution for missing teeth, consider tooth bridges with your dentist today! If you have any questions related to tooth bridge, feel free to reach out to our Hornsby dentists.