Many years ago, before dentistry was as advanced as it is today wisdom teeth performed an important role as a back up or third set of molars. For most people, with good dental care, molars can last a lifetime and the wisdom teeth need to be removed because they can cause problems. Because of the complications that can arise from the procedure many patients are concerned about wisdom teeth removal cost. Let’s look at how the cost is calculated and what you can expect to budget to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Should Your Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Because the jaw has limited space, if you do not lose molars, there may not be enough space to accommodate them. This can cause them to become impacted, resulting in gum infections and tooth decay over time.
The sooner the wisdom teeth are removed the less likely they are to cause problems. If your wisdom teeth are impacted and you do not have them removed soon enough, you may require a more complex or lengthier wisdom tooth removal procedure.

What Makes Up The Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Simple wisdom tooth removals can be performed in your dentist’s chair, under local anaesthetic which is usually given by injection. If you have a complex procedure or multiple extractions you may need to be put under general anaesthetic.
In very complicated cases hospital admission will be required and this can drive the cost of the procedure up. Typically wisdom teeth removal cost is affected by:

girl to remove her wisdom teeth
  • The complexity of your procedure. How complex your extraction is, will determine the professional fees, equipment required and anaesthetic.
  • The fees charged by your dentist. If your procedure is complex you may need to enlist the help of an oral surgeon, which increases the total cost.
  • Where you are situated also plays a role. If you are going to have your wisdom teeth extracted in a major city it will cost more than in an outlying area.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost In Australia?

According to the outcomes of the National Dental Fee Survey in 2017, locals can expect to budget around $500 for the extraction of a single wisdom tooth in a simple procedure in your dentist’s chair. In the event that general anaesthesia is required, that amount may increase to $3000 per tooth. The good news is that having all four extracted at once can cost you a little less, averaging $2322 per local patient from the same survey.
Looking at the figures posted by, a simple extraction could cost as little as $150 for one wisdom tooth removal. As you can see, the cost of removing your wisdom teeth increases significantly as the procedure becomes more complex. This just highlights how important it is to have them removed before they can cause gum infection and tooth decay.
Regular visits to your dentist can ensure that your wisdom teeth are monitored. If in doubt your dentist can take an x-ray of your jaw to inspect the positioning of your wisdom teeth if they are still below the gum line.

Can I Claim Wisdom Teeth Removal From My Health Insurance?

Wisdom teeth extractions are considered to be major dental treatments and as such are considered extras. Your policy may be subject to a waiting period if you have the procedure listed as an extra. You should check with your insurance provider before moving forward with any treatment.
Still have questions about wisdom teeth removal cost? The most accurate way to budget is to speak to a professional and get a customised treatment plan. Call us today for help:  02 9476 1211. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Hornsby dentists.