Taking care of your Invisalign treatment could be a Little trickier than expected. While the effectiveness is unarguable and the advantages are considerable for many, there’re a few things you’d wish you knew before getting Invisalign.

The good news is that once you know them, they’re accomplishable with a bit of discipline and patience.

Did you just get your aligners, or are you thinking about getting them? Then stick around and find out these nine things you wish you knew about Invisalign before getting it.

1. It’s easy to get off track.

Particularly if you’re a snacker or a coffee/tea drinker, complying with the 22 hours rule can prove to be a challenge. 

Sadly, not being diligent with this requirement will directly impact your results. So, every time you feel like cheating, see your predictions and decide if you want to add more time!

2. Attachments are not transparent and can be a few.

In some cases, Invisalign users may need attachments on the teeth to fit the aligners.

Unlike the aligner itself, these attachments are tooth-coloured. They may be perceived like clear braces when the Invisalign is in.

3. You can’t eat or drink with them on

Except for water, you’ll have to take them out to eat or drink anything else. Otherwise, your aligners can get misshaped or even break.

4. You’ll have to brush more often.

This one may be a bit obvious. But, since your teeth attachments can get stained quite easily if you get your aligners on without brushing, it’s worth mentioning.

On the other hand, poor oral hygiene can lead to infection, cavities, tooth decay, and awful breath!

But brushing doesn’t end with your teeth! Every time you take your Invisalign out, you should rinse and clean them properly to avoid bacteria buildup.

5. Invisalign can be a bit painful.

For many patients, it’s more like a pressure or tightness feeling. But for others, the first few days with a new aligner can become uncomfortable. Even so, they will never be as painful as regular braces!

6. Your mouth can get really dry or too watery.

Both situations can be uncomfortable and need some time to get used to. While a watery mouth is expected to recede with time, it may come back now and then. 

Drymouthers, on the other side, may have to deal with it for a bit longer.

7. Some beauty habits may need to change.

Do you love getting those artistic and intricated nail jobs at the saloon? Then, you may find yourself having considerable trouble getting your Invisalign in and out. Or even worst, your nails will get cracked and chipped right away, and you may lose all that precious money!

On the other hand, lipsticks are among the most common causes of Invisalign staining. So, you may want to get away from dark and bright colours. While you’re on treatment, you may choose dramatic eye makeup and some gloss for the lips.

8. It will take some time to get used to talking with them.

Sadly, you can’t spare the lisp. For some patients, it takes just a few hours. For others, a few days. But fortunately, patients tend to report it disappears on time.

9. You may need pre-treatment, and post-treatment is unavoidable.

Some people need to get their teeth “shaved” or slightly reduced to give space to the trails for moving the teeth. Luckily this pre-treatment is not always necessary.

Post-treatment, on the contrary, is mandatory for every patient. You’ll have to wear retainers at night so your teeth remain aligned.

Now you DO know the nine things you wish you knew before getting Invisalign, will you use this information for improving your invisible braces experience? We hope you do! If you have any further questions related to Invisalign, contact our experienced dentists in Hornsby.