Dental implant cost is a hot topic with many patients on a drive to find the cheapest dental implants in Australia. When they think about the intimate relationship that implants have with your mouth you might understand that placing the cheapest implants may not give you the quality or longevity that you really need from implants.
Piazza Dental in Sydney is pleased to share how your dental implant cost is calculated and what kind of return can you expect from this investment in your future dental health.

Dental Implants | Titanium Engineering At Its Best

Dental implants are small metal screws that are surgically embedded into the jaw to replace missing teeth at their roots. They are usually created from titanium alloys and the higher the portion of titanium, the begetter the quality of the implant.
The most expensive implants are not necessarily always the best but your dental practitioner should be able to offer you a range of affordable implants at different prices in order for you to find a tooth replacement that suits your budget. You can find affordable implants in Australia without the need to fly off to Thailand for a procedure.

Professional Fees Contribute To Dental Implant Cost

The reason that dental implants are so successful is that they replace teeth at the roots. In order for this to occur, they should be placed by a suitably experienced and qualified professional.
When your dentist prepares your treatment plan, your dental implant cost will be shown to you as one total. It will include the price of the implant and your new crown, as well as all the professional fees that are estimated over the course of your treatment plan, and this treatment plan could extend as far as 18 months depending on the procedures you might need.
Some of those procedures could include
Extraction of your damaged tooth
If your damaged tooth is still in your mouth, the cost of extracting it will be added to the cost of your procedure.
Bone grafting for insufficient jaw bone
If your jaw bone is too soft or too thin to support the placement of your dental implant you may require a bone graft procedure. This is when bone is taken from another place in your body or another source and transplanted into the implant site.
This is to encourage bone growth and over the following months should result in denser bone tissue that is strong enough to support your new implant.
A sinus lift
A sinus lift is a type of bone grafting procedure that is performed when your upper jaw is insufficient for dental implants. In order to make space, the sinus cavities need to be lifted up. This would be added to your dental implant cost and would add about four extra months of healing time to your recovery period

sedation vs general anesthesia

Just How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost?

According to average figures collected by from the National Dental Fee Survey in 2017, the cost of placing a single straightforward dental implant ranges between $3000 and $6000 per tooth. In the event that you need a sinus lift or bone graft as well, that figure could increase to up to $11500.

A dental implant restores form and function to your mouth. It can also restore your sense of self-confidence and levels of comfort when eating. A high-quality dental implant can last up to 30 years, and for many people, this may be for the rest of their lifetime. This is one of the features that influence dental implant cost.
Under these circumstances, the cheapest dental implants might suit your pocket today, but that decision could present with complications five years from now.
So what are you actually paying for when you are presented with your dental implant cost?

A high-quality implant

You do not have to buy in the top end of the market to get a good dental implant, there are plenty of high-quality options in the middle. Check the brands to see which carry guarantees as part of the dental implant cost and how easy it is to obtain replacement parts.

An experienced and qualified dental practitioner

It is important that your dental implant surgery is done by someone experienced in the art of dental implants.

The personal benefits

The advantage of a healthy and confident smile and the ability to eat with comfort, for what could be the rest of your life, is difficult to attach a price tag to. These comforts are what make dental implants so beneficial.
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