Lisgar Gardens

If you are looking for a peaceful spot to enjoy a picnic or a wedding ceremony, Lisgar Gardens in Lisgar Rd, Hornsby NSW 2077 is a hidden gem. Its 2.4 hectares of bushland are also a popular venue for weddings, naming ceremonies and formal film and photography shoots. This bushland garden has something to offer to all visitors. Here are a few things to do and see when visiting Lisgar Gardens:

Located in the heart of Hornsby, the 2.4 hectare Lisgar Gardens are a delightful place to spend your morning or afternoon. Founded in 1917, the gardens were purchased by Max Cotton. Cotton died in 1967 and his brother purchased the land. Max Cotton was the first person to establish an inclinator at the gardens, which is now operated by Hornsby Council and the Friends of Lisgar Gardens. Learn more

If you’re planning a wedding, you may want to consider having it at Lisgar Gardens, which is a gorgeous outdoor venue. This beautiful location was created by Dr. Max Cotton, who purchased the land from his brother Leo and began to plant Camellias. While the Pavilion may play a large role in the ceremony, you may want to consider exploring the garden’s secret waterfalls and the rainforest vegetation. You’ll also have plenty of bushwalking opportunities, as the area has plenty of bushwalks and a variety of other options.

If you’re looking for a beautiful hillside garden, head to Lisgar Gardens. This 6.5 acre garden is renowned for its camellias and other native plants. There are a number of gazebos and waterfalls, as well as informal lawns and picnic tables. There’s even a rainforest walk! The gardens were originally owned by Dr. Max Cotton, but have since been purchased by the Hornsby Shire Council. Even some of the original camellias still remain, so you’re sure to enjoy a picnic there.

If you’re a fan of nature, Lisgar Gardens is an excellent option for a family picnic. Located less than one kilometer from Hornsby station, Lisgar Gardens is a great picnic spot. A waterfall leads to an open lawn area. There are also camellias and a mini water feature. It’s worth mentioning that there’s an inclinator for people with disabilities. Browse next article 

Set on a hillside in the heart of Hornsby, the beautiful Lisgar Gardens features a range of camellias. While the Lisgar Gardens is closed during adverse weather conditions, it is open all year round. Whether you are looking for a serene spot or a romantic location, this garden will not disappoint. With over 2.6 hectares of lush foliage, it is one of the most beautiful and tranquil gardens in Sydney.

Hidden away in a secluded hillside, Lisgar Gardens is a peaceful retreat in Hornsby, NSW. The garden covers about 2.6 hectares and is home to a wide variety of plants and trees, including Camellias. The gardens are open to the public but can be booked for special events. For picnics and special events, the garden’s covered pavilion area is perfect.

While there are many places in Hornsby where you can stroll with a baby or toddler, Lisgar Gardens is not a great choice. This garden is quite hilly and a steep path will make navigating the garden difficult. Unfortunately, there are also no information signs to help you find your way around. Nonetheless, the garden is a hidden gem, and we highly recommend going there.

Located on a hillside in the middle of Hornsby, Lisgar Gardens is a hidden oasis. This 6.5-acre garden boasts a stunning variety of Camellias, native trees, ferns, and other plants. Originally purchased by Dr. Max Cotton in 1917, Lisgar Gardens features a small pavilion, shade house, and several trails to explore. You can even get married here. There is also a covered pavilion for special occasions, such as weddings.