A fitted dental implant can totally transform your smiling confidence. It paints a more positive picture of a strong and shining smile in comparison to when you have a decayed or a missing gap. The best part is dental implant is a reliable solution even if someone looses  several teeth. Here is a complete guide on full mouth implant for your awareness.

If you’re seeking dental implant treatment, you want to make sure that your implant settles in the mouth without any problems, otherwise, your implant will fail. For this to happen, it is important that you address any oral habits that you use with your teeth. Naturally, many people use their teeth as an opening tool, without consciously realising the subtle damage this can cause.

Kick These Oral Habits Today

There are other oral habits besides that as well. Below outlines those habits that you need to consider quitting if you’re considering having a dental implant fitted, or if you already have an implant.

kicking the smoking oral habit


Smoking can naturally be difficult to quit, but to preserve your oral health it is vitally important. Smoking hinders your body’s ability to heal if you’ve had an injury. With regards to your oral health, smoking limits healing from gum and bone tissue. Your gum and bone strength are crucial for your implant to fit long-term successfully. Seek to stop smoking completely before you fit an implant in.

Using Teeth As An Opening Tool

Many people use their teeth to open packaging or bite down on fingernails, for example. If you open packaging with your teeth, a fitted implant will become loose slowly. The implant may also be susceptible to a minor crack. It is very likely that you’ll need to visit the dentist to resolve any issues with healing if you use your implant as an opening tool. Therefore, you need to drop this habit.

Weak Oral Hygiene

Just because you have an implant fitted for long-term results, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need looking after. Cosmetic options along with your natural teeth need adequate care to ensure your smile remains strong. This includes your fitted implant. Bacteria can multiply in your mouth such as after eating or in the morning when you wake up. This is bad news for your implant as it can lead to peri-implantitis. This will lead to the failure of your implant.

secret oral hygiene tips for a stronger smile

Teeth Grinding

If you suffer from teeth grinding, this can lead to problems with your fitted implant. The condition leads to damage to your jawbone and gum tissue. If this happens, your implant stability will be impacted. Consult the dentist regarding teeth grinding before you have implant treatment.

If you’re performing or suffering from any of these oral habits, contact the dentist before you have fitted implants. This is because the gum and bone tissue will degrade slowly, and this means your oral health wouldn’t be strong enough to have a fitted implant. Consult us here at Piazza Dental today!