You probably already know that there are different types of braces to choose from, and you want to know which one of those fits you best. 

Choosing the right braces requires attention and a balanced assessment of factors. That’s why it proves crucial to get informed before getting a new set of brackets.

Today, we want to help you with this task and guide you to the best orthodontic experience possible. 

And therefore, we’ve compiled a series of aspects and questions to consider to know which dental braces fit you best.

What to consider when choosing braces: Don’t pick brackets or retainers without answering these questions

The first thing to do when trying to know which braces fit you best is to ask yourself some questions that consider the following aspects or needs:

  • Aesthetics: You should ask yourself questions like
    • Do you care if your braces are visible?
    • Do you care if your speech is changed?
  • Cost: it doesn’t mean just initial costs
    • Are you willing to invest in a low or high budget?
    • Will you be able to keep on covering the adjustments as the treatment advances?
    • Does this office provide the best price on the service I need?
  • Habits: they may affect the different types of braces:
    • Are you a smoker?
    • Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
    • Are you a snacker?
    • Are you willing to resign to some foods during the treatment
    • Do you tend to lose things and forget things –like wearing your retainers-?
  • Hygiene: similar to the previous one, it can affect the type of braces
    • Are you willing to give considerable care to your braces?
    • Do you brush your teeth enough?
    • Do you floss?
  • Time: it may include other factors
    • Are you concerned with the time the treatment will take?
    • Are there any upcoming events (graduations, weddings) you may want to be ready for?
    • If you’re willing to give up some food, will you do it for long enough?
  • Orthodontic goals: determine the complexity of your case and what brace fits best for it
    • Are your teeth severely damaged?
    • Have you suffered from cavities and tooth decay?
  • Dentist: picking the right dentist is a crucial part of determining the right brace for you
    • What brands does he use and why?
    • Does he have a good patients history?
    • Does he provide the latest technology?

As you can see, many factors and questions can help you know which braces fit you best. 

Different types of braces and which fit you best

In a different article, we talked about the pros and cons of each type of braces. Now, we’re overviewing which one is right for which scenario, based on the factors we mentioned in the previous section:

  • Metal braces: Ideal if you want an affordable and durable solution without caring so much about the aesthetic and food restrictions.
  • Self-ligating braces: Ideal for those that accept the same features as traditional brackets but prefer shorter visits to the dentist’s office.
  • Clear braces: if you care about your looks but want an affordable and durable solution, these may be for you.
  • Lingual braces: if you want invisible braces, don’t care about some changes in speech, and have significant orthodontic issues, lingual braces will work perfectly for you.
  • Invisalign: if you care about not having to get obsessed with brushing, having invisible braces, AND you have a mild dental issue, this is the best choice. 

Now, you’ve learned how to know which braces are for you! Do you have your answer in mind already? Our dental team in Hornsby will be happy to hear about it! Let us know in the comments!