A dental crown is a form of protective treatment that helps to reduce the damage caused to a tooth. It’s a custom-developed cap that offers protection around a damaged tooth. Although, a crown can also be given after another form of treatment, such as a root canal or dental veneers. A crown would be applied around the cosmetic solution for extra protection.

What benefits can a dental crown provide? Read on below to read the five main benefits of a crown.

Protection To Natural And Cosmetic Teeth

As mentioned above, a crown protects natural teeth from further damage, but it also protects cosmetic treatments. Let’s use dental implants as an example, where a dental crown is placed on top of an abutment that connects the screw and crown together. A crown cap is placed around the implant for further protection.

Improving Your Bite

A dental crown helps to restore chew functioning. The crown protects your natural teeth from food becoming stuck. Crowns also help with chipped or crooked teeth.

Crowns Last Longer

With a strong oral routine that involves keeping your crown and the protected tooth healthy, the dental crown can last for a long time. You must ensure that the crown isn’t used to perform bad dental habits.

A Versatile Form Of Treatment

A dental crown can be used for many forms of treatment. It can help with protecting a root canal, a dental veneer, or a dental implant. If you cannot afford to replace a decayed tooth with available treatments, a crown can be administered to avoid further decay to the tooth.

Protecting Tooth Structure

If you see your teeth suffering from wear-and-tear of some kind, a crown will protect them. For example, it will protect it from discolouration, stains, crooked teeth, fractures, and chips.

Dental crowns are worth it due to their versatility alone. It is also an affordable form of treatment that can save your natural teeth unless it’s severely decayed where tooth extraction treatment would be required.

If you’re considering a crown to protect a tooth, contact us at Piazza Dental today for an appointment and we’d be gladly happy to help.