Are you considering getting veneers for your teeth? If so, it’s important to understand everything about the procedure before you make a decision. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite material that dentists place on the outside surfaces of their patients’ front teeth to correct minor, aesthetic imperfections such as chips and discolouration. They can also be used to improve misshapen and crooked teeth and fill gaps between them. In this article, we’ll discuss why people get veneers in dentistry and all the relevant details related to them – from what they look like, how they are applied, how long they last, potential risks involved when dealing with them – so you can confidently decide if this option is right for you!

 What are Veneers in Dentistry?

Veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that can offer various benefits for people struggling with imperfect teeth. Veneers are customised pieces of ceramic placed on the front of existing teeth to improve their overall shape and appearance. They are a great option for those looking for a conservative approach to correcting dental issues with minimal cutting, as they are bonded directly to the existing tooth structure. Veneers can be custom-made to match a patient’s captured shade and pattern, allowing them to achieve the perfect smile they desire while maintaining much of their natural tooth structure. They can often fix chips and gaps in teeth and discolouration or unevenness, making them an extremely versatile dental solution. Whether you’re interested in preserving your real smile or completely revamping it, veneers might be a great option worth considering!

Types of Veneers in Dentistry 

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a popular and increasingly common choice in cosmetic dentistry. They are thin pieces of a porcelain-like material that are custom-made to fit over the front surface of one’s teeth. Unlike traditional braces, veneers do not require long, uncomfortable treatments or waiting periods as they can usually be placed in just two or three dental visits. This is because they are stain resistant and virtually undetectable when turned into a smile – making them great for restoring chipped, misaligned, discoloured, cracked, or badly worn teeth. Moreover, proper care and maintenance can last up to ten years. Porcelain veneers lead to a confident and dazzling smile that makes all the difference in how someone looks and feels about themselves.

Composite Resin Veneers

Composite resin veneers are an increasingly popular and widely available dental solution used to help protect teeth from infection, decay, discolouration and other forms of damage. This relatively simple procedure allows experts to reconstruct and strengthen natural enamel without anesthesia or drilling. They are made from durable acrylic materials in precise shapes and sizes to fit the existing condition of the tooth. Composite resin veneers can be applied quickly and efficiently, usually requiring no more than two visits. Not only do they offer insulation from further injury, but they can also improve the overall appearance of a tooth, giving it a polished look. When maintained properly over time, composite resin veneers provide lasting results for beautiful smile maintenance.

Process of Applying Dental Veneers

Applying dental veneers is a process of three different steps. It typically begins with a consultation where the patient meets with their dentist to discuss the cosmetic improvements they wish to make. The next step involves preparing and shaping the teeth, which requires the removal of around half a millimetre from the tooth’s surface. This will ensure the proper fit of the veneer and prevent any post-application discomfort. Finally, an impression or digital scan of the teeth is taken for them to be fabricated in a laboratory and then placed on top of the existing teeth before curing with a special light. After completing this process, patients can enjoy beautiful and natural-looking results with improved smile aesthetics that should last many years.

Veneers at Piazza Dental, Hornsby, Australia

Veneers are a type of dental restoration where a wafer-thin shell of tooth-coloured porcelain or ceramic adheres to the front surface of one’s teeth. At Piazza Dental, we work with some of the best ceramists to ensure your veneer looks and feels like your natural tooth. If you’re interested in getting veneers or have any questions about them, don’t hesitate to call us!