Our smiles can brighten the lives of those around us, which is why we try to keep them healthy. Although brushing and flossing are essential, dental checkups are vital to maintaining perfect oral health. Dental checkups can be crucial in many ways as they can catch potential medical issues and improve your oral health, but you must be wondering about the cost of dental checkups. 

Here you’ll see how much dentist checkups cost, the types of dental checkups, and which factors can affect the price.

Types of Dental Checkups

Over the past few decades, people have realised the importance of dental checkups as they have become an important preventive measure for their oral health. This way, the dentists can have a thorough look at the mouth’s condition and recommend action for safeguarding oral health. Usually, people imagine that there is only one type of dental checkup, but when considering the dentist clean cost, it is crucial to know the difference.

  • Periodic Checkup

If you are at a regular six-month cleaning visit, you will have a periodic dental checkup. The dentist will examine your teeth, closely inspect your gums and review the X-rays you took.

  • Limited Checkup

This type of dental checkup entirely focuses on a particular issue. The dentist typically performs it when you have an emergency visit or when the dentist can determine a problem with your dental x-ray.

  • Comprehensive Checkup

It is a thorough checkup that shows the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws to the dentist. A comprehensive checkup includes discussing your previous dental work, oral cancer screening, and dental X-rays, but there is usually an additional cost for X-rays. It is worth mentioning that such checkups are for new patients or those who have been to the dentist for over three years.

How Much is the Dentist Checkup Cost?

The cost of a dental checkup can vary in Australia, as clinics don’t have to follow a set of expenses for their services. On average, a dental checkup is $215, including the dental exam, scaling, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. If you have dental health insurance, it can save you a lot on the dentist clean cost.

Ideally, you would be considering your finances, the cost of health insurance, and whether you can pay for dental emergencies without insurance. With health insurance, it becomes possible for you to claim back your dental bills, but you need to see which services are covered by your insurer.

Which Factors Can Affect Your Dentist Checkup Cost?

It doesn’t matter what shape your dental checkup may take; your dentist will ensure you understand the dental care you require and its potential costs. The cost of your complete dental checkup depends on several factors, including the dentist’s location, whether the dentist charges separately for cleaning, dental x-rays, and much more.

  • The dentist will have your medical history reviewed.
  • The dentist will talk to you about any concerns, changes, and goals regarding oral health.
  • Costs related to your location and oral exams.
  • Your x-rays and oral healthcare plan.

Affordable Dental Checkup in Hornsby, NSW 2077, Australia

A dental checkup is a preventive treatment that can save us a lot of money. If you are searching for affordable dental care, Piazza Dental has dedicated itself to offering you one. When it is about the dentist clean cost, lack of insurance should not dictate your dental care decisions so that no procedure can be out of your reach. This way, you will be able to get the best dental treatment.

Call us to make an appointment for your next dental checkup and get a healthier and brighter smile.