When it comes to dental fillings, there are a few different options. Two of the most popular types of fillings are white fillings and silver fillings. So, which one is better? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of both types of fillings to help you decide which one is right for you.

What are white fillings and silver fillings made of?

White or composite fillings are made of metals, plastics, and other materials. They are typically less prone to staining and discolouration than silver fillings, making them the ideal choice for sensitive or exposed teeth. White fillings are also more durable than silver ones and can better withstand chewing forces. On the other hand, white fillings may be more expensive than traditional silver ones, and they require more time to manufacture and apply. Despite these drawbacks, white fillings are seen as the top choice among dentists and patients alike due to their high level of effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. In short, white fillings offer numerous advantages over silver ones for individuals looking for a long-lasting yet beautiful way to restore damaged teeth.

 How do you know if you need a filling?

Some signs may indicate you need a filling. One of the most common is that your tooth feels more sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks. Another possible indicator is increased toothache or pain, particularly when biting down on hard foods. Other symptoms may include discolouration or staining on the surface of the teeth, often resembling a dull grey stain. If you suspect you need a filling, it is best to visit your dentist for an evaluation. With advanced dental technology and specialised training, your dentist can determine whether you could benefit from a filling and provide the appropriate treatment plan. So if you have any concerns about oral health, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist today and start taking steps towards protecting your smile!

What are the benefits of white fillings vs silver fillings?

When it comes to dental fillings, there are many different options available. Each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, depending on several factors, including personal preferences and the severity of the filling itself. White fillings are at the top of the list for most dentists, also known as composite fillings. These fillings are made from a composite material resembling natural tooth enamel, making them virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth once they are in place. In addition to their cosmetic appeal, white fillings are less likely than silver fillings to crack or break over time due to changing temperatures. They bond quickly with existing tooth structures and require less drilling than mercury amalgam fillings. So if you want an attractive and durable filling, white fillings may be your best option!\

How much do white and silver fillings cost?

Depending on many factors, white and silver fillings can vary significantly in cost. The primary factor affecting the price of a filling is the material used to fill the tooth. White fillings are typically made of resin or plastic. In contrast, silver fillings are made of an alloy containing silver, copper, or other metals. Both types of filling have pros and cons in terms of quality and price. Generally speaking, white fillings tend to cost more than silver fillings due to their superior strength and resilience. However, white fillings may not be suitable for every patient. They are less durable when exposed to heat or certain acidic foods. Ultimately, the best way to determine which filling is right for you is to discuss your treatment options with your dentist. They can evaluate your teeth and recommend a course of action based on budget, durability needs, and personal preferences. So whether you opt for a simple white filling or a more expensive but longer-lasting metal one, rest assured that you will get excellent care from your trusted dental team at prices that fit your budget.

Dental fillings at Piazza Dental in Hornsby, VIC, Australia 

At Piazza Dental, we specialise in providing high-quality dental fillings to patients in the Hornsby area of Australia. Whether you are dealing with minor or extensive cavities, our experienced team of dentists is equipped to address your needs with compassion and discretion. Each staff member understands what a delicate tooth restoration process can be, and we take pride in the personalised care we provide each of our patients. When you come to us for dental fillings, you can rest assured that you are receiving treatment from some of the best dentists in Hornby. We offer various filling materials to fit your unique needs, including resin, gold foil, and porcelain crowns. So if you are experiencing any pain or sensitivity due to damaged teeth, do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on our dental fillings services!

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