At Piazza Dental, Dr Steven Doan is highly qualified and experienced in performing wisdom teeth, dental implant and oral surgical procedures, having performed these procedures routinely as part of his everyday practice. He was mentored by a leading Sydney Oral-Maxillofacial surgeon early in his career after graduation, before spending time abroad at the prestigious Tokyo Dental College in formal training in the Department of Oral-Maxillofacial surgery studying surgery and advanced dental implant dentistry.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth and this usually occurs around the ages of 17-25. In some cases where the jaw is not large enough to accommodate these teeth, this can give rise to problems. This can include impaction against the teeth immediately in front of it, infection of the surrounding soft tissue, cyst and tumor formation, pushing other teeth out of alignment and causing crowding.

Depending on the degree of difficulty and patient’s tolerance of pain and their pain threshold, most of these procedures can be performed under local anesthetic with oral sedation. For more difficult cases of impaction and anxious patients, we can perform surgery with intravenous sedation, which is provided for us by an emergency specialist, who provides sedation routinely for Emergency Department of teaching hospitals and Inflight services.

And furthermore, for those extremely difficult case and highly anxious patient, we can provide surgery under a general anesthetic at a private hospital. (see pain-free dentistry and sleep dentistry).

We can also provide other surgical procedures such as surgical extraction, gum surgery, oral surgery and implant surgery under sedation and general anesthetic if required.