Is it possible to fix a chipped tooth? It’s the anguishing question that we all ask ourselves the first time we see or feel a crack or chip in our teeth. The answer, luckily, is yes, it can be fixed.

If you’re looking for immediate solutions, there are a few temporary options that can work (as you can see in our article about fixing chipped teeth fast). 

But if the chip is severe or you want a more permanent solution, you need a professional fixing. 

Let’s look at how you can fix a chipped tooth and the costs of these treatments.

How can a chipped tooth get fixed?

The first thing to know is that the tooth can’t regrow from scratch. Either the missing part will be re-inserted, or you will need an artificial replacement for it.

Once that said, professional solutions for fixing chipped teeth can provide an even more polished and beautiful smile for you.

The professional teeth fixing alternatives for chips and cracks are:

Cosmetic contouring

Ideal for jacked edges, this treatment consists of polishing the edges of your tooth. The idea is to get it back to its smooth surface and shape.

Bonding and re-attaching.

A bonding treatment can work wonders for mild chips -that are more noticeable than jacked edges- 

It consists of using a bit of tooth-coloured resin added to the area where the piece is missing. Then, it will be shaped to match the original teeth anatomy. This is the most commonly used treatment when the chipped part of the tooth is missing.

If you have the missing piece, rinse it with warm salty water and keep it in place with pressure. The dentist can then use resin to re-attach the tooth. 

Even when not perfect, it’s the simplest way to get your tooth back with a natural look.

Root canal treatment and filling

The words that have made a dentist a nightmare for many… Root canal treatments are among the most used to fix deeply chipped teeth.

Today, you’ll be glad to know that this treatment is not nearly as painful as it used to be. You’ll get your roots sanitized and covered with protective rubber. And then, you’ll probably get filling or a crown.

Surgery or hemisection

While the name may creep you away, this is actually one of the best options you can get for a chipped molar. 

Instead of having it removed, a molar with a damaged root can still be saved with this process. 

This happens because molars have two roots, not one. If just one of the roots is damaged, a professional endodontist can remove just the affected part. This preserves the functionality.

Crowns and veneers

These cosmetic procedures can prove helpful for heavily chipped teeth -where only a part of the tooth is saveable-.

As crowns and veneers need just a part of teeth to get attached to, they represent the best solution for these cases. The best part is that they will look natural. As if the tooth was completely there!

Extraction and implants

The chipped tooth will be too damaged to fix in the worst-case scenario. In that case, your dentist will probably have to extract it.

But we all know a gap in your mouth can lead to diverse health issues. That’s why your dentist will most likely recommend an implant, which is nothing else than a whole fake tooth with a structure to fix it to your gums.

This will prevent bone loss, gum issues, and other teeth from moving.

What’s the cost of fixing a chipped tooth?

As you can see, depending on the treatment, prices can vary considerably. The cheapest treatments will cost just around a few hundred, while root canal, extractions, and an implant can be as pricey as to begin from $5,000, depending on the place.

As you can see, it is possible to fix a chipped tooth, and depending on the case, it’s even affordable. If you or your kids are going through a chipped teeth experience, we hope you’ve found your solution here, and it’s not the most expensive… Our best wishes on that! If you have any further questions contact our Hornsby dentists.