Chipping a tooth is not only painful, but it can also be inconvenient. Sometimes, it happens at an inopportune moment when you can’t attend the dentists. Or right before a special occasion. How do you fix a chipped tooth fast in these situations?

While the damage of a chipped tooth may not be severe, it still can pose a health threat if it goes untreated. This means we don’t recommend waiting too long to go to your health provider after the teeth have cracked.

Even so,

For a temporary and quick repair, here you can find some options for fixing a chipped tooth fast and at home.

First steps to fix a chipped tooth at home

The first thing you should do if you chip your tooth at home is to wash your mouth with a mix of warm water and salt.

This will stop any possible bleeding and help clean the injury. This way, your tooth will be easier to repair and adhere to the bonding materials better, without infection.

Next, apply pressure and cold to stop further blood loss and reduce swelling. If the broken tooth has lost a piece, and you find it, make sure to put it back in place and bite sterile gauze to keep it in place.

If the crack is that serious, chances are your only option for fixing the chipped tooth is going to the doctor. 

But if the missing piece is not so big, or you didn’t lose tooth mass and just have some cracks, there’re a few things you can still do before attending the dentist.

Options for fixing a chipped tooth fast

If the tooth is just slightly chipped, or you feel some sharpness or roughness at the edge of your tooth, you may not need a dentist.

In these cases, you can work on treating the pain and swelling and give a temporary solution for the aesthetic of your smile:

Non-steroidal painkillers

Ibuprofen, or even paracetamol, are safe painkillers you can use to reduce the soreness in your mouth. Make sure to take just the prescribed dose, and, after the swelling is gone, make sure to check your tooth in case there’s more damage than you saw at first.

Dental wax

To fix a chipped tooth fast when it’s just a sharpened edge or small chips, you can count on dental wax.

Naturally, it’s a temporary solution as you will have to re-treat the tooth each time the wax wears out. But, while you have the wax on, the jacked edge will appear smooth, and more importantly, it won’t hurt your tongue.

At-home fixing kits

Perhaps the best option for fixing a chipped tooth at home if the damage is more noticeable –and you can’t access a dentist for a while- are at-home fixing kits.

These are temporary solutions as well but can treat more evidently chipped teeth. They’re available in most drugstores, and depending on the brand you buy, they may include different procedures.

In case of a more severe injury, several in-office cosmetic treatments can help you out in this situation. Stay tuned to our blog to see professional options for fixing a chipped tooth.