If there’s something we all can agree about, it’s a white and bright smile is the best card of introduction. But even the prettiest faces can get affected by stained teeth. 

And that’s where cosmetic teeth whitening comes in. This process -as the name implies- whitens your teeth to make them as white as you want them to be. It provides an aesthetic and noticeable smile.

Naturally, such a treatment may portrait a considerable investment. What about we discuss how much does cosmetic whitening costs. Its pros and cons, and then you decide if it’s worth the money?

The Cost of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Naturally, each patient is unique, and therefore, their treatment is also individual.

The net cost of whitening your teeth may vary depending on some factors like:

  • How stained your teeth are
  • Your habits (are you a smoker or drink too much tea or coffee?
  • Your budget
  • Do you have any underlying conditions or trauma on your teeth/gums?

After assessing these considerations – and others that your dentist may find pertinent- you and your doctor will determine the type and cost of your treatment.

As the procedures are different, their cost ranges from $20 for the cheapest over-the-counter products to $650  for the most expensive in-office cosmetic whitening.

Is it worth the money? How to know if cosmetic teeth whitening will work for me?

As we already stated, cosmetic teeth whitening effects depend on several factors. 

Even, so

From all of them, determining the type of stain proves the more defining criteria for the cost/effect balance. Cosmetic teeth whitening doesn’t work as well on all teeth stains. 

If your issues are related to yellowish stains -more likely coming from coffee, natural wear, etc.- Chances are whitening will work wonders for you!

In these cases, the procedure can get your teeth even whiter than they originally were, reducing up to 9 tones (best-case scenario).

The issues come when your staining begins to get brownish; the effect of the bleaching can be reduced. 

And in cases of grey stains, the treatment may not work at all. It’s even unrecommended to try teeth whitening if the spots are profound and come from trauma, as you may end up enduring a lot of pain due to the chemicals.

Finally, if you have crowns, bridges, etc., they won’t be affected by cosmetic whitening. So, you will need to replace them AFTER you get the treatment. It’s the only way to make sure your new pieces match the colour.

The issue here is that these conditions may elevate the cost of cosmetic teeth whitening and oblige you to submit to further treatments.

It’s time to decide; Is It Worth Paying for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?

If you think about the treatment itself -and under the right conditions- it’s worth the money. Whether you choose the most affordable or the most expensive, you will get some results.

But, if your conditions are not optimal or your stains are stubborn, they may be some extra charges to consider. Are those charges also worth it? Or may you consider other treatments like veneers?

In the end, if the cost of cosmetic teeth whitening is worth the money or not, it will have to be your choice. But, in case you choose to have the whitest smile possible, we would love to help you out! We have also shared an interesting article for you related to teeth whitening secrets.

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